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I am a business owner, farmer, cook and designer. I love trees, dirt, books, shoes, the sound of pages turning,lemon juice on everything. I’m scrappy. I try to meditate, but sometimes I don’t. I have almost 200 employees, now, who I love, but who sometimes make me crazy. My life isn’t balanced with my work (it’s more of a soupy mush, I’d say); I’m not an expert on wellness; I’m a work in progress. I think nature has all the answers, and I’m trying to listen.


Graduated from Harvard

• was pre-med for two years, then decided I definitely didn't want to be a doctor and switched to English & American Literature and Language. 

• interned at Harper's Bazaar in the fashion department.



Studied Fashion Design in Milan at the Istituto Marangoni but also was so influenced by attitudes towards food and eating in Italy, and a crazy pizza place called Pizzeria OK, that was an amazing celebration of simple flavor permutations. It set something percolating in my mind that later influenced Vinaigrette. 



Moved to the high desert to teach myself how to farm sustainably. 



Had the idea for a salad-centric restaurant. I named it the Salad Shack LLC and wrote a business plan. Hustled, hustled, hustled, changed the name to Vinaigrette.  


2008 Opened Vinaigrette

2012 Vinaigrette ABQ

2015 MG Santa Fe 

2016 Vinaigrette Austin

2018 MG ABQ and the feel good

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This site is about the courage and faith of creating and making beautiful physical things by digging down deep. The joy of it and the delight and also the courage and the work. The mess and the hardness, too. It’s about why I like to make things—to express something that is beyond words, really. It’s about the pain and the catharsis of transformation. How you can transform things with love, cheesy as that sounds—loving people and loving spaces.


It’s also about an aesthetic. How i believe that there is some sort of current, some connectivity, that connects rightness and beauty and sustainability...that to be ugly, and plastic, is wrong, morally wrong and aesthetically wrong and they are somehow the same a vein of truth. Because i do believe beauty is like a tonic, a salve, and that there is a rightness to it, a moral rightness. How we treat the earth, our environment, design. It’s all connected for me. It’s not separate: a shoe, an outfit, a space, a garden. It’s a language. A language maybe that I’m scared is dying, that we won’t always be able to hear. 


Beautiful photography:
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