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Trees, gardens and green spaces are the answer to (almost) every problem humans face. We need to rethink how we look at development, how much space we carve out for plants and dirt and birds and bugs. In fact, we need an entirely new way to design. The built environment should be—mostly—a garden. We should design FOR nature as much as ourselves. To insist upon nature in all our development is to design for our deeper needs, our fullest human nature.

Humanity relies on plants way beyond what we realize and if humanity has a future than the future has got to lie in the hands of those people who know plants. This is the bottom line: the gardeners, the botanists, the horticulturalists will save this earth if this earth has a chance of being saved because plants have the ability to reduce the global temperature, they have the ability to create oxygen, they are the only things on this planet that are able to take the sun’s energy and turn it into something that is usable and [essential] to the human race and the rest of the biodiversity on this planet. If humanity doesn’t step up and realize that fact soon than I am really sorry we have got no hope. —ROBBIE BLACKHALL-MILES

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