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Modern General Santa Fe

Modern General feed & seed Santa Fe began with a building and a name. In 2010 we bought the building in front of Vinaigrette Santa Fe, that housed at the time Visions photo lab and its warren of tiny dark developing rooms, super dropped ceilings, industrial fans and filters and funky smells. But its shape was an iconic country store rectangle—a perfect retail box—assuming we could one day tear down everything but the four exterior walls (which we did).


We knew we wanted to do something in retail—but the prompts were twofold: 1) how can a store have the liveliness and energy of a bustling restaurant and 2) how can a brick and mortar store remain relevant at a time when we are all shopping mostly online?


The name popped into my head first and contained within it an incredible concept and design—a union or juxtaposition of midcentury modern and general store design tropes (Saarinen tulips and painted pegboard) and a gathering place that—like late 1800’s general stores—was “more than just a store”—but that appealed to modern sensibilities and needs, not just nostalgia.

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