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SF Reporter Ghost Farms, Ghost Kitchens, Ghost Towns

Last month, I wrote an open letter to Grubhub CEO, Matt Maloney, taking him to task for peddling a homespun vision of -supporting local restaurants while running a predatory platform that has driven many to the brink.  read more>>

Heated Medium In Other Words, We Lied

My doleful dirge for restaurants, written a few days after we had been shut down everywhere  read more>>

Austin American Statesman Falling Out of Favor

Early thoughts on the delivery app obsession in Austin and the double edge of convenience  read more>>

Edible Austin Let’s Get Dressed

I know how to toss me a salad...thoughts on dressing well  read more>>

Austin American Statesman Whole 30

Increasing dietary extremism as experienced by us in the wellness/food biz  read more>>

Santa Fe New Mexican About Food Delivery

Further thoughts on food delivery and the death of dining  read more>>

The Albuquerque Journal Minimum Wage

Thoughts about how raising the minimum wage is not necessarily the most progressive approach to redistributing income  read more>>

The Local Flavor  About Grandma

A tribute to my incredible grandma, who inspired our newest micro-bistro The Feel Good, in ABQ  read more>>

Northwest Citizen  The Sight of Green

Humans are wired to relax and thrive at the sight of green  read more>>

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