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Vinaigrette Austin

Austin Vinaigrette exists because of this tree—a four hundred year old heritage Live Oak is protected by the city and so big it barely fits in a single picture. It seduced us, we fell in love, then things got real.  We had to renovate a falling-down building underneath it. We had to remove a foot of concrete and asphalt and lifeless base course BY HAND (to protect the root zone) in order to plant a verdant, diverse garden of native plants.


We continue to update our plantings based on what works in the hot, dry shade and vascillating cold snaps of Austin’s tricky climate.  What has worked: our Berkley and Texas “sedge meadow”, Poa Arachnifera, Texas Persimmons, a variety of Muhlies (on the edge of the canopy) and a bunch of Giant Leopard Plants, Asparagus ferns and whale tongue agave. BTW, most of the grasses we planted from plugs—almost fifteen hundred. Love is blind.

Vinaigrette-Salad (1).jpg
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